2018.3.22 Thu
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To all who graduated from Osaka University today

Congratulations on your graduation.

The 2017-2018 Osaka University Graduation Ceremony was held at Osaka-jo Hall today, with 6,003 OU students starting a new journey as graduates of Osaka University. Attendees were all smiles despite the unfortunate weather, including the parents and guardians who have supported you all during your time at OU.

From what you learned, to your efforts in your extracurricular activities and sports, to encounters with your teachers and friends, all things at OU -- both the fun things and the difficult things -- surely made you what you are.

Whether you're beginning your career or continuing your education, everyone's path is different, but Osaka University will be there to support you on every step along the way.

Good luck to all graduates in the future!

Osaka University


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