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Graduation Party for International Students 2018


On Monday, March 12, a party was held to celebrate the completion of studies for international students at the Senri Hankyu Hotel. Every year, President NISHIO Shojiro invites those international students who are expected to graduate from their course of study in March 2018 to attend a celebratory social gathering.

There were 171 international students and family members in attendance at the party, making for a total of some 260 attendees, including OU faculty and staff, host families, volunteers, and consular staff in the Kansai region. Those in attendance enjoyed taking photos at the get-together, making it an enjoyable event from start to finish.

Sonja Viktorija Anic (Student from Croatia currently studying at OSIPP) delivered a speech in Japanese in a fluent tone as the International Student Representative, in which she spoke about her experiences at OU, giving thanks to the staff at the Centers for International Education and Exchange on each campus. "Studying was tough, but I'm glad I chose Osaka University. There were a number of various events in which international students can participate, and I was able to receive a generous amount of support in my student life."

Ms. Sonja Viktorija Anic

Some comments from the international students in attendance included, "I want to use the things I learned at OU in building my career," and "I’m going to work hard in my doctoral program, too."


Closing greeting by Director Tomoko ARIKAWA of the Center for International Education and Exchange

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