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160 Individuals in Attendance at Osaka University Leaders Forum in Tokyo


On Tuesday, February 6, the Osaka University Leaders Forum was held at Gakushi-Kaikan in Tokyo with some 160 individuals in attendance, surpassing last year's total.

This forum is held each year in order for graduates of Osaka University and Osaka University of Foreign Studies currently active on the front lines of their respective fields to build networks and deepen bonds with their alma mater. This year marked the 6th holding of the Leaders Forum.

The forum began with a greeting from President NISHIO Shojiro in which he talked about recent events at Osaka University, which was followed by a talk by IZUTANI Yachiyo (Director, Announcer's Office, NHK; 1981 graduate, School of Human Sciences).


At the social gathering, MAKABE Reiko (2003 graduate, School of Dentistry), who runs a dental clinic in Tokyo, gave a toast, and alumni of all ages, fields, and schools enjoyed friendly exchange with one another. The number of female attendees also rose to over 10 individuals, adding momentum to the creation of a "OU Female Alumnae Network," as well as creating a friendly atmosphere at the gathering.

Osaka University plans to hold more events in the future in Osaka, Tokyo, and various other locations to further expand the "OU Family," a network of alumni and other individuals related to Osaka University. We hope to see you there.

Events planned for this year

Homecoming Day - Monday, April 30 (Toyonaka Campus)

Osaka University Alumni Reunion in Fukui - Saturday, August 18 (Fukui City)

Osaka University Alumni Reunion in Tokyo - Saturday, December 1 (Tokyo)

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