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Regarding errors in questions and answers on the February 2017 Entrance Examination in Science (Physics) at Osaka University (Updated March 30, 2018)


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March 23, 2018

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January 6, 2018

It has recently come to light that there were errors in certain questions and answers on the February 2017 Entrance Examinations in Science (Physics) at Osaka University. After reevaluation of the examinations, there were 30 new successful applicants.

In addition, 9 students currently in their second choice of major in the Schools of Science, Engineering, and Engineering Science were found to have passed in their first choice of major and are now newly designated as such.

This incident was announced in detail at a press conference on Saturday, January 6, 2018.

University entrance examinations are meant to be fair and accurate, and the university sincerely apologizes to those examinees, current students, and their families affected by this incident. We will consider the situation of each and every one of these new successful applicants and current students with the highest priority as we move forward in our wholehearted response to this situation.

We take this incident very seriously, and we will strive to raise the awareness of faculty and staff members in order to prevent this type of incident from reoccurring in the future.

Detailed information about the errors

Comment from the President

List of applicant numbers of new successful applicants (30 individuals)

• Those newly successful applicants will be sent a letter of acceptance by express to the address found on their application form as well as an individual phone call.

• There were no newly successful applicants in the Special Entrance Examination for Privately-funded International Students (Undergraduate) or the Entrance Examination for Applicants Graduating from Overseas High Schools (former expatriates).

• The university is currently contacting students who entered the university in their second choice of major but had passed the examination for their first choice of major.

Contact Information

Admission Division, Department of Education and Student Affairs

TEL: 06-6879-7079

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