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The PROSPECTUS 2018 has been redeveloped into two new booklets!


Our new English-language Prospectus for international students and researchers has been released for 2018! It was developed to introduce the amazing things that can only be found at Osaka University, and is packed with fascinating information that shows the uniqueness of our institution. In addition, to show what life would be like as a student or researcher at Osaka University, we have included a booklet to introduce the city of Osaka.

This year’s Prospectus is packaged with two new booklets, the “Pride of Osaka” and the “Portrait of the University.” The “Pride of Osaka” shows the appeal of our city and Osaka University through pictures from the point of view of international students and researchers coming in Osaka, while the “Portrait of the University” gives an outline of our institution using data and interviews.

It’s packed with charm, so please take a look at PROSPECTUS 2018!

Click here to view PROSPECTUS 2018.

The front cover of both booklets, the “Pride of Osaka” and the “Portrait of the University.”


These booklets are brimming with personality, with information on research performed at the university as well as the individuals hard at work behind the scenes.

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