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"Osaka University Development Program for Female Leaders" Kickoff Symposium held


Last April, the "Declaration of Gender Equality at Osaka University" was made by President Nishio, and as an "Action Plan for Gender Equality Promotion" to realize gender equality at the university, OU is (1) strengthening support for women to have a fulfilling life both at home and in their studies, research, and work, (2) increasing the number of female students and women in managerial positions at the university, and (3) raising awareness of members of the university to work toward the realization of a diverse environment.

As part of this, OU will begin the "Osaka University Development for Female Leaders," which aims to "create an environment in which female faculty and staff members can actively take examinations for managerial positions" by presenting role models through lectures, etc. and by formulating a backup system through a mentor system.

To commemorate the start of this program, on Tuesday, June 27, lectures were held for participants in the program (13 women at the university who are in section chief positions) and their mentors.

The seminar began with an encouraging message from President Nishio to members of the program, which was followed by a lecture by Executive Vice President (of Personnel and Labor) Kizawa entitled "Anticipations for female faculty and staff members."

Following this, participants and mentors spoke about their motive for participation in and enthusiasm for the program. There were a large number of young faculty and staff members in attendance at the venue, and their fierce determination seemed to answer the messages of encouragement from the President and Executive Vice President.

The percentage of females in managerial positions does not currently meet the mark set by the government (30%), but this seminar showed that this program has plenty of driving force to realize a truly gender equal society at OU.

Moving forward, the university will regularly implement this program in order for members to work hard and achieve success together.

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