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Warning for students regarding programs, apps, etc. that require you to enter your ID and password


There are a number of smartphone applications and websites going around that claim to allow users to create class schedules, etc. by entering your Osaka University student ID and password, but please be aware that these applications and websites were not developed by the university and have no affiliation with it whatsoever.

If you are using any application or internet service that requires entry of your Osaka University student ID and password, delete the application immediately and change the password associated with your Osaka University student ID.

Portal Site for Osaka University IT Authentication Infrastructure (for changing password/user information)

It is incredibly dangerous to give away any ID or password to a 3rd party, not only your Osaka University student ID and password, as it directly leads to leaks of personal information. Not only can this lead to leaks of personal information and grades, as well as manipulation of course registration, but your information may also be misused in acts such as sending junk mail, which can cause damage to others and, in some cases, may lead to damage claims.

The following are defined as obligations of the user found in the use policy for the Osaka University IT Authentication Infrastructure:

(User Obligations)

Article 5 - The user must observe the following:

(1) An Osaka University student ID must not be lent or given to a 3rd party.

(2) Make sure to properly manage your Osaka University student ID so that it does not get stolen.


(Office for Information and Communications Technology Services)

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