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OU Student receives 2017 Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Award for Excellence


TERAMOTO Masayuki (6th year, Faculty of Medicine) received a grand prize of the 2017 Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Award for Excellence in the field of social contribution.

JASSO Awards for Excellence are conferred upon students who have achieved outstanding performance in academia, culture/art, sports, social contribution, industry innovation/venture, and international exchange in order to further promote the development of promising individuals who will play a key role in the 21st century.

Following the ceremony, Mr. Teramoto visited President Nishio to report on his achievement on Wednesday, December 13.

During the talk in a friendly atmosphere, Mr. Teramoto said that the activity, which was started by three students, has developed into a big project with some 60 students participating. Now this project acts with the general incorporated association "Inochi Mirai Project." In this project, medical professionals, including Professor Yoshiki SAWA at the Cardiovascular Surgery, and the general public think about the importance of a life and provide information. Assuming the office of director, Mr. Teramoto has been involved in this activity in Osaka with “leading young people’s idea to policy proposals” and “encouraging young people to make innovation happen” in mind.

Showing his strong interest in Mr. Teramoto’s energetic activity, President Nishio spoke about the importance of creating innovation in Osaka. He expressed his hope that Mr. Teramoto’s activity would further develop and become activity that attracts many young people, including junior and senior high school students. He also mentioned that it’s our responsibility to make the university more attractive to be able to accept such young people.

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