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Comprehensive Partnership Agreement between Osaka Prefecture and Osaka Univeristy concluded


On Wednesday, December 6, Osaka University concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Osaka Prefecture with the goal of invigorating and developing local areas through human resource development/education, surveys, research, and projects, as well as promotion of industry-university co-creation, industrial promotion, and diversity. This was Osaka Prefecture's first concluded comprehensive partnership agreement with a university.

In continuous efforts to realize a unique and attractive community through regional revitalization, this agreement aims to further expand our activity, research, and education through cooperation and collaboration with Osaka Prefecture. At the signing ceremony, Osaka Governor MATSUI Ichiro and Osaka University President NISHIO Shojiro shook hands and affirmed future collaboration and cooperation after signing the agreement.

Osaka Prefecture and Osaka University have cooperated in individual fields; however, with this agreement, we will further promote our collaboration and cooperation in more areas to revitalize the region and improve people's life. Amid global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we will also promote our cooperative efforts to solve social issues.

Our future efforts with Osaka Prefecture can be found here.


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