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Co-Creative Innovation Building Opening Ceremony held


On Thursday, November 9, the Opening Ceremony for the Co-Creative Innovation Building was held on Osaka University's Suita Campus.

Some 100 individuals participated in the ceremony, including related individuals from MEXT, corporate representatives, and related individuals from Osaka University.


The ceremony took place from 3:45 PM in the 1F Public Exchange Space, where the ribbon cutting ceremony was held with FUJII Takashi (Director-General, Department of Facilities Planning and Administration, Minister's Secretariat, MEXT), MURAO Kazutoshi (President, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation), TSUCHIYA Michihiro (Adviser, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp.), SUZUKI Naoshi (President, Global Environment Centre Foundation), and NISHIO Shojiro (President, Osaka University).


After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the ceremony continued on the 2nd floor, where President Nishio gave his opening greeting, saying, "By accelerating collaborative activity with various stakeholders and creating a variety of innovation, we will continue to conduct world class activities in order to become a 'world class innovative university' that contributes to prominent development of science, technology, and academia as well as social change."

Following this, congratulatory addresses were given by Director-General FUJII Takashi and President MURAO Kazutoshi.

Finally, Director NAGAI Kenji (Innovative Co-creation Division, Office for Industry-University Co-Creation) delivered a speech entitled "Co-Creative Innovation by Osaka University."


Moving forward, Osaka University will dedicate itself to further development of research activity in order to create new innovation with the Co-Creative Innovation Building as a hub for co-creative activity.

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