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Mimamori Robokun III Installation Completion Ceremony held


 On September 11, 2017, a ceremony to celebrate the installation of three "Mimamori Robokun III" experimental devices at the end of August 2017 was held on Osaka University's Suita Campus. Mimamori Robokun III was developed in "Joint research for creating mechanisms regarding disaster prevention, monitoring, and tourism through use of IT" (abbreviated: "Joint Research for Disaster Prevention and Monitoring," led by Professor Keishin INABA) by the Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University and other organizations.

By using the Disaster Relief Map developed by Osaka University and Mimamori Robokun III proposed by the National Activity Support Network for Local Municipalities, this Joint Research for Disaster Prevention and Monitoring undertakes the following:

(1) Making a system to support affected areas by providing evacuation information through two-way communication between victims and supporters in times of disaster, and

(2) Promoting tourism, safety, and security through two-way communication of security information about sightseeing and monitoring of children and the elderly during normal use.

At the ceremony, following a greeting from KURIMOTO Eisei (Dean, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University), Osaka University President NISHIO Shojiro greeted attendees, saying, “'Co-Creation' through collaboration between university and corporations, associations, and other diverse stakeholders has become crucial in order to solve various social issues. In such a setting, we will address disaster prevention, a matter of concern for many citizens and urgent issue on which national universities are asked to solve through the fusion of knowledge in humanities and social sciences and technology of scientific fields. I hope that this project will develop into a project to lead efforts for a safe and secure society both inside Japan and overseas. I also anticipate that the project will facilitate 'industry-government-university-citizen co-creation' through collaboration with national and local governments and local communities moving forward."

After President Nishio's greeting, Vice President INOUE Hironori of NTN, provider of Mimamori Robokun III, spoke with attendees, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held with President Nishio, Executive Vice President MITSUNARI Kenji, and Graduate School of Human Sciences Dean Kurimoto from Osaka University, NTN Vice President Inoue, National Activity Support Network for Local Municipalities Vice Chair KODA, Nabla-Zero Co., Ltd. CEO KOJIMA, and Softbank Executive Manager TSUKISHIRO.

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