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Daihatsu THOR Presentation Ceremony held


 On Monday, September 4, 2017, Osaka University received a Daihatsu THOR from Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. This will serve as an official car for the university.

 The ceremony was attended by Daihatsu Executive Officer KYODA Yasushi, Osaka University President NISHIO Shojiro, and Osaka University Executive Vice President YOSHIKAWA Hideki, as well as a number of Osaka University faculty and staff members.

 Osaka University and Daihatsu have a long history, spanning back over 100 years to Daihatsu's founding in 1907. Two of the founders of Daihatsu, Yoshiaki Yasunaga and Seishiro Tsurumi, were both members of the Osaka High Technical School, with Professor Yasunaga serving as head of the school and Professor Tsurumi serving as director of the mechanical science department at the same school. Osaka Higher Technical School would later become the School of Engineering at Osaka University in 1933, two years after the university's founding in 1931.

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