Office for Industry-University Co-Creation Kickoff Symposium held
2017.7.11 Tue
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Office for Industry-University Co-Creation Kickoff Symposium held

On Tuesday, July 4, the "Office for Industry-University Co-Creation Kickoff Symposium: Create the Future Society -- Start with Addressing Social Challenges" was held at Osaka City Central Public Hall. The Office for Industry-University Co-Creation, which was reorganized from The Office for University-Industry Collaboration in April 2017, held this symposium as a forum for expressing its determination to promote university-industry co-creation, presenting challenges to be addressed, and listening to opinions from industry, academia, government, and citizens. Over 550 individuals participated in the symposium.

A scene from the symposium

At the start of the symposium, greetings were given from President NISHIO Shojiro on behalf of organizers of the symposium.

President Nishio

Following his greetings, Mr. MASAKI Masato (Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) made a congratulatory speech.

Mr. Masaki

In Part 1 on the "Vision for Co-Creation", YOSHIKAWA Hideki (Executive Vice President of Industry-University Co-Creation) and division chiefs of the Office for Industry-University Co-Creation (NAGAI Takeharu at the Innovative Co-creation Division, MASAKI Toshihiro at the Technology Transfer Division, NAGATSUMA Tadao at the Co-Creative Education Division, and KITAOKA Yasuo at the Venture Incubation Division) talked about achievements and challenges for The Office for University-Industry Collaboration and solutions and efforts for co-creation by the Office for Industry-University Co-Creation.

Presentation (From the left: Yoshikawa, Nagai, Masaki, Nagatsuma, Kitaoka Division Chiefs )

Following the presentation, NISHIMURA Yuya (Representative, Non-profit Organization MIRATUKU), FUKANO Hiroyuki (Executive Committee Member, Kansai Association of Corporate Executives; Managing Executive Officer, Itochu Corporation), and NOJI Kunio (Board Chairperson, Komatsu Limited) delivered messages with their hopes for Osaka University.

Mr. Nishimura

Mr. Fukano

Mr. Noji

In Part 2, according to the development stage of co-creation, detailed proposals for brainstorming, exploration of themes, and studying of selected themes, were presented.

Proposals for exploration of themes

At the venue, in addition to the presentations, 53 posters by cooperative firms and Joint Research Chairs were exhibited and participants enthusiastically exchanged their opinions. Many attendees also participated in the party after the symposium, enjoying exchange through friendly conversation.

For additional information about co-creation themes, visit the Office for Industry-University Co-Creation website.

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