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Osaka University concludes a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Daikin Industries, Inc.


On Friday, June 23, 2017, Osaka University and Daikin Industries, Inc. (below: Daikin), concluded a comprehensive collaborative agreement that ties together Osaka University's advanced knowledge in information science with Daikin's expansive know-how in air conditioning and manufacturing technology to create new innovation in the field of information science.

Through this agreement, Osaka University will receive a total of 5.6 billion yen in funding from Daikin over the course of 10 years starting from July 2017 and will use this funding effectively and efficiently in 4 new collaborative programs (names TBD), including collaborative research between Osaka University researchers and Daikin technicians, advanced research programs, student researcher programs, and training programs for AI personnel, with the aim of contributing new worth to society through the wide range of endeavors in these programs.


Press Release Materials (in Japanese)

(1) Regarding the conclusion of a comprehensive agreement in the information science field between Osaka University and Daikin Industries, Inc. - Daikin to provide Osaka University with 5.6 billion yen over the course of 10 years

(2) Outline of the agreement (Osaka University)

(3) Outline of the agreement (Daikin)

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