2017.5.29 Mon
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Ceremony held to commemorate the completion of the Education and Research Exchange Building at the Graduate School of Science

On Wednesday, May 24, some 100 individuals, including those who donated to the Osaka University Foundation for the Future "School/Graduate School of Science Education and Research Project," people in businesses, parents/guardians of current students, alumni, and faculty and staff from the university gathered for a ceremony to commemorate the completion of the Graduate School of Science's Education and Research Exchange Building.

This building was constructed with the aim of carrying out the latest research in fundamental science. This facility also aims to create and develop inter-disciplinary research that emphasizes novelty and originality, promote the industry-univeristy-government collaboration and international collaboration involved in this research, and develop individuals who will play a role in developing next-generation fundamental science.


Held in the Yoichiro Nambu Hall on the 2nd floor of the new building, the ceremony began with greetings by Graduate School of Science Dean TAJIMA Setsuko and Osaka University President NISHIO Shojiro and congratulatory speeches by Deputy Director-General YAMAZAKI Masao (Department of Facilities, Planning, and Administration, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), Toyonaka City Mayor ASARI Keiichiro, President and CEO KURIHARA Gon'emon (JEOL, Ltd.), and Director of  AOYAMA Hirokazu (Industry-University Collaboration, Daikin Industries, Ltd.).

Following this, Executive Vice President of Industry-University Co-Creation YOSHIKAWA Hideki and Director TOYODA Michisato (Project Research Center for Fundamental Sciences, Graduate School of Science) spoke about endeavors in industry-university co-creation at OU as well as industry-university co-creation activity in this new building.

Finally, a memorial lecture was held by Professor Emeritus HOSOTANI Yutaka, who had a close friendship with late Osaka University Professor Emeritus Yoichiro Nambu, ending the ceremony on a high note.

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