Osaka University Sumo Ring Completion Ceremony
2017.3.3 Fri
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Osaka University Sumo Ring Completion Ceremony

On Wednesday, March 1, the Osaka University Sumo Ring Completion Ceremony was held at Gymnasium #2 on the Toyonaka Campus.

Along with Director TAKASU Katsuya of Takasu Clinic and SATO Tatsuru (Director/Senior Managing Executive Officer, Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.; 1978 graduate of School of Law, Osaka University), both of whom provided support to the Sumo Club for this ring, Ikioi (sumo wrestler of the Isenoumi stable) and gyoji (referee) and yobidashi (sumo usher) from the Takasago stable were also in attendance, making for a wonderful opening ceremony.

At the completion ceremony, the opening ceremony for the new ring was held. Referee KIMURA Asanosuke, as presiding priest, addressed ritual prayers and prayed for safety. After that, wrestler Ikioi sung a sumo-themed song, called a sumo-jinku , that he made especially for Osaka University.

After the ceremony had finished, the 12 members of the Sumo Club used the ring for the first time, and, while probably a bit nervous, all enjoyed their first practice on their wonderful new sumo ring.


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