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2016 Parents Gathering held


On Sunday, December 4, the 2016 Parents Gathering was held in Osaka University Hall for the parents and guardians of first year undergraduate students.

This event was held in order to assist parents and guardians in gaining a better understanding of Osaka University’s management and the situation of education, international exchange, and student support at the university, as well as to allow parents and guardians to see the university as a more familiar entity.

In order to allow more parents and guardians to attend this years gathering, the gathering was split into 2 sessions, the "Gathering for Parents/Guardians of Science-Oriented Students" and the "Gathering for Parents of Liberal Arts-Oriented Students."

Following a greeting from President Nishio, lectures were held by Executive Vice President Yamanaka ("Students of OU, Fly Off into the World!"), Executive Advisor to the President and Chair of the Student Life Committee Iwatani ("About Student Life"), Executive Advisor to the President and Dean of the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences Satoh ("About General Education"), and Executive Vice President Yoshikawa ("About Osaka University Foundation for the Future"). Afterwards, a lively Q&A session was held with parents and guardians.

The university expresses its sincere appreciation to all attendees for their participation in this event.

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