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Osaka University Special Lecture (Speaker: ANDO Tadao, Architect)


  On Thursday, November 17, the Osaka University Special Lecture was held with architect ANDO Tadao as speaker for the event. Some 500 students, faculty, and staff were in attendance at the Osaka University Convention Center to hear Mr. Ando's lecture.

  Under the title of "Dreams are for You to Make," Mr. Ando spoke of his experiences in architecture and his attitude during those experiences, while adding a bit of his own humor, and the students in attendance, those who will bear the Japan of the future, were seen listening intently. In the Q&A session following the lecture, students actively asked Mr. Ando questions, which made for a lively session from start to finish, one that ended with a hearty round of applause.

特別講演会11/17a  特別講演会11/17b

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