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Typhoon #12 is approaching -- Announcement at 4:15 p.m., Friday, September 2


At present, all events at Osaka University will be conducted as scheduled.


To faculty and staff

Typhoon #12 may be coming to the Kansai region. Pay attention to information on the typhoon and prepare for it. If damage is caused, please inform the Department of Safety and Hygiene.

Preventing damage/injuries from things which can fall from balconies, etc.

  • Remove flower pots, tools, and other items from balconies.
  • Make sure doors and windows are latched.

Preventing water damage

  • Shut doors and windows to prevent wind and rain from entering inside the room/building.

Outdoor safety management

  • In the case of outdoor research or extracurricular activities -- in the mountains, at the river or sea, keep up with the latest weather information and make a safety plan.

Make sure drains and ditches are clean

  • If a drain or ditch is blocked with things such as dead leaves, poor drainage may cause flooding. Please check to make sure drains and ditches are clean.

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