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Notice regarding Summer "Obon" Holiday Closing Schedules

During the " Obon " summer holiday season in August, various schools, research institutes, and other institutions at Osaka University will be closed. For specific dates regarding these closures, please view the information below.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these closings. Your understanding is appreciated.

Please note, however, that institutions such as Osaka University Hospital, Osaka University Dental Hospital, Machikaneyama Museum, Tekijuku, and Nakanoshima Center will be open as usual throughout the Obon holidays.

2016 Summer Holiday Schedule during "Obon" (updated July 12, 2016)

Friday, August 12, 2016 ~ Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Suita Campus
Administration Bureau Institute of Social and Economic Research
Office for University-Industry Collaboration Joining and Welding Research Institute
Office for Information and Communications Technology Services Low Temperature Center, Suita Campus
Immunology Frontier Research Center Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy
Department of Environment and Energy Management Radioisotope Research Center (Suita HQ)
Organization for COI Research Research Center for Environmental Preservation
School/Graduate School of Human Sciences International Center for Biotechnology
Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine Office for International Programs
School/Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Health Care Center, Suita Campus
School/Graduate School of Engineering Center for Global Initiatives
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Research Center for Nuclear Physics
Research Institute for Microbial Diseases Cybermedia Center
The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research Office of Management and Planning
Institute of Social and Economic Research

Toyonaka Campus
Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences Low Temperature Center, Toyonaka Campus
Kaitokudo for the 21st Century Radioisotope Research Center (Toyonaka Center)
International College Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry
School/Graduate School of Letters
The Museum of Osaka University (does not include Machikaneyama Shugakukan)
School of Law/Graduate School of Law and Politics Health Care Center Toyonaka HQ
School/Graduate School of Economics Center for Mathematical Modeling and Data Science
School/Graduate School of Science Center for Scientific Instrument Renovation and Manufacturing Support
School/Graduate School of Engineering Science Institute for NanoScience Design
Osaka School of International Public Policy Intellectual Property Center
Osaka University Law School Center for the Study of CO✻ Design

Minoh Campus
Osaka University Archives Center for Japanese Language and Culture
Health Care Center, Minoh Campus

Tokyo Office

Friday, August 12, Monday, August 15, and Tuesday, August 16

Toyonaka Campus

Main Library

The Main Library will be open from Saturday, August 13 ~ Sunday, August 14 according to the schedules linked below.

Main Library Schedule

Wednesday, August 17 ~ Friday August 19

Suita Campus

Life Sciences Library

The Life Sciences Library will be open from Friday, August 12 ~ Tuesday, August 16 according to the schedules linked below.

Life Sciences Library Schedule

Monday, August 22 ~ Wednesday, August 24

Minoh Campus

International Studies Library

The International Studies Library will be open from Friday, August 12 ~ Tuesday, August 16 according to the schedules linked below.

International Studies Library Schedule

Monday, August 29 ~ Wednesday, August 31

Suita Campus

Science and Engineering Library

The Science and Engineering Library will be open from Friday, August 12 ~ Tuesday, August 16 according to the schedules linked below.

Science and Engineering Library Schedule

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