Osaka University Students Receive Most Awards at the 5th Science Intercollegiate
2016.3.11 Fri
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Osaka University Students Receive Most Awards at the 5th Science Intercollegiate

On Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6, 2016, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology held its 5th Science Intercollegiate at the Kobe Convention Center.

Of the 176 groups (46 oral presentations and 130 poster presentations) to pass the written screening, 13 of the groups selected were from Osaka University (of 25 applications, both numbers the most in the country), of which 5 received awards. In addition, 1 group was chosen to receive the Science Ambassador Prize, an award established this year by the Science Ambassadors, a student organization.

The Science Intercollegiate is held with the goal of raising science and mathematics students ability and desire to perform research while also cultivating creative human resources in science and technology who have the ability to decide upon, pursue, and create a presentation on a challenging topic by establishing a venue for science and mathematics students from all around Japan to present their own independent research.

Science Intercollegiate Encouragement Award

YAMAKAWA Wakana , 4th year, School of Engineering
"Manufacturing of electromagnetic wave absorbing materials for a thermoacoustic refrigeration system that does not require cooling energy"

NOMOTO Tetsuya , 4th year, School of Science
"Development of a measurement method for thermal conductivity using minute specimens"

FUJIKI Akira , 4th year, School of Engineering
"Wide-area evaluation of seismic movement in Kamishiro, Hakuba during the 2014 earthquake in northern Nagano Prefecture based on highly condensed microtremor measurements"

Awards from Cooperating Companies and Organizations

Huawei Award (Huwawei Technologies Co., Ltd.)
IZAWA Hidetoshi , 4th year, School of Engineering Science
"Expansion of depth of field in projectors through adaptive focus sweep projection"

Air Liquide Award (Air Liquide Japan/Air Liquide Laboratories)
OTANI Yuiko , 3rd year, School of Science
"My own folding dogma based on considerations regarding protein post-translational modification"

Science Intercollegiate Ambassador Award

NAKASHIMA Saki and SHINGAI Momoka , 2nd year, School of Allied Health Sciences
"Action research on a reality check in cold and flu infection prevention and the effects of hand-washing awareness activity in the general public"

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