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"Osaka University Symposium -- A New Form of Collaboration for Co-creation" held


  On Wednesday, March 2, Osaka University Symposium -- A New Form of Collaboration for Co-creation was held at Intercontinental Osaka.

  The goal of this symposium was for individuals from various positions and backgrounds in the industry, government, university, and public sector to discuss the role of activities requiring openness in a time in which new modes of activity under the keyword of openness are being sought out, as well as the role that universities should undertake, the development of this role, and the future of undergraduate and graduate education based on this openness. Even though the symposium was held on a weekday afternoon, there were over 350 attendees at the venue, which showed the large amount of interest on this subject.

  In part 1 of this symposium, Osaka University President NISHIO Shojiro gave a keynote speech on a new vision for Osaka University moving forward towards the year 2021. Following this, a keynote speech was given by TSUGA Kazuhiro (Representative and President, Panasonic Corporation) about endeavors by Panasonic for developing open innovation. Finally, Professor FUJITA Kikuo (Program Coordinator, Osaka University Cross-Boundary Innovation Program) gave us an activity report on the cultivation of doctors in a new age.

  In part two of this symposium, 7 individuals engaged in a heated discussion, including those invited from companies and NPOs engaged in openness and faculty members from OU. While talking about ingenuity and actual practices and problems regarding openness, participants had a debate on "what can make openness a possibility, and what can stop it" and "the line between 'open' and 'closed,'"and exchanged opinions on what the university can contribute in an open space, and the role it must play in such an environment.

  This symposium was a chance for attendees not only to reaffirm the role of the university as a creator of new knowledge and mediator of that knowledge, but also to "openly" debate Osaka University and the university education moving forward.

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