The Follow-up Survey of the Program for Promoting the Improvement of Research Universities Gives OU Top Marks
2016.3.8 Tue
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The Follow-up Survey of the Program for Promoting the Improvement of Research Universities Gives OU Top Marks

Through the use of the Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities *1 , as well as other programs, under the leadership of the president, Osaka University has made efforts in order to make it one of the world's best universities for the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2031.

The first follow-up of this program was conducted in 2015 and gave Osaka University its highest rating, stating that the university was undergoing noteworthy progress. Of 22 selected research institutes, only Osaka University and the National Institutes of Natural Sciences were given this rating.

The following three points were given as especially excellent endeavors by the university:

  1. The career path of University Research Administrators (URA) *2 was adequately prepared (Figure 1) ,
  2. Various types of industry-university collaboration have been promoted based on the idea of Industry on Campus *3 , which is garnering positive results (Figure 2) ,
  3. The establishment of International Joint Labs *4 (Figure 3)

Perceiving this assessment as a recognition of our efforts, all members of the Osaka University community will continuously play a leading role in Japan in order to make our research environment even better.

To view the results of this follow-up survey, please visit this page of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) website. (link in Japanese)

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*1. The Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities

In order to (1) increase the number of universities involved in world-class research activities and enhance the quality of research ability of the whole nation, (2) support universities and research institutes who work on securing research management personnel and conducting intensive reform of the research environment, and (3) increase the number of world-class research universities, this program aims to support and facilitate efforts to enhance research ability through the securement and utilization of research management personnel and the implementation of intensive reform of research environments for achieving the ultimate objective of increasing the quality of the research ability of the entire nation.

This support program was established in 2013 by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The selected 22 research institutes are expected to become world-class research institutes.

*2. University Research Administrator (URA)

In MEXT's "Program for Improving Systems for Nurturing and Securing University Research Administrators,” URAs are defined as "personnel who support the revitalization of researchers’ research activity and build-up of management of research & development by being involved in planning and management of research activity as well as the promotion of the use of research results together with researchers at universities from the position separate from that of those involving in research itself." However, this does not mean that they are only engaged in administrative procedures with respect to research. In recent years, URAs have been expected to play a role in supporting university management from a research management perspective as well.

*3. Industry on Campus

Industry on Campus consists of two organizations: the Joint Research Course & Joint Research Department and the Collaborative Research Center.

The Joint Research Course & Joint Research Department are independent research organizations established in research and education organizations and funded by private companies.

The Collaborative Research Center is a base for inviting private companies’ research organizations to Osaka University in order to develop multilateral industry-university collaboration.

There are 35 organizations and 7 hubs as of February 2016. Industry on Campus is one aspect of industry-university collaboration at Osaka University.

*4. International Joint Lab

International joint labs are responsible for dynamic globalization at Osaka University. OU invites international researchers and groups engaged in leading research to Osaka University to conduct joint research with OU researchers. 36 labs have been established so far, of which 33 labs are in operation.

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