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Osaka University Receives 2015-16 "Osaka Governor's Award" at the Stop! Global Warming Awards


Osaka University received the "Osaka Governor's Award" at the Stop! Global Warming Awards, sponsored by Osaka Prefecture. The award ceremony was held at Osaka Prefecture Hall on Tuesday, February 16, which marks 11 years since the Kyoto Protocol took effect in 2005.

Since 2007-08, Osaka Prefecture has recognized and awarded exemplary achievements of businesses for in their efforts to curb greenhouse gasses emitted during business activity in an effort to further propagate measures against global warming. Following the "Award for Excellence" received by the university in 2012-13, the "Osaka Governor's Award" awarded to Osaka University this year is an honor of the highest caliber.

Osaka University received this award due to high praise of energy-saving strategies focusing on density of energy use in facilities grouped into 3 categories (large-scale facilities, science facilities, and arts facilities), the outstanding efforts based on these strategies, and the resulting in 5.9 percent decrease of greenhouse gas emissions in 2014-15 from the previous year by total floor area.


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