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For your safety when traveling abroad


In the wake of blasts in the center of Istanbul, Turkey on January 12, 2016 (local time) and Jakarta, Indonesia on January 14, 2016 (local time), overseas travel safety information was posted on the Foreign Ministry website. These bomb attacks took place at well known sightseeing spots.

Individuals will have a greater opportunity to travel overseas during the coming spring vacation. Before going abroad, you are requested to get the latest information so that you will not be involved in any contingency. You should be committed to your safety by avoiding visiting places where many people gather, being very careful at places likely to be targeted for terrorist attacks, and getting out of such places if you sense danger.

In addition, those who are traveling or living abroad are requested to pay close attention to the Foreign Ministry website. You are also requested to obtain the latest information through media and/or the Japanese embassy or general council nearest to you and to register with the Tabireji (travel registration system) sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Tel: 06-6877-5111
Promotion Group 1, Department of Safety and Hygiene
International Exchange and Planning Section, International Affairs Division
Student Exchange and Planning Section, International Student Affairs Division

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