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Regarding wild boars inhabiting in the vicinity of Machikaneyama on the Toyonaka Campus


Since May this year, several people have seen wild boars in the vicinity of Machikaneyama on the Toyonaka Campus. It was confirmed that at least three adult wild boars were inhabiting in that area.
Currently a wild boar trap is set in the area. We will capture the wild boars in early January in cooperation with Minoh City and Toyonaka City. In line with this decision, the Machikaneyama area including the walking trail will be off limits to the public until the wild boars are caught.
We also have received information from residents that some people on motorbike were chasing around the wild boars. Wild boars attack people if they feel threatened because they are timid. Adult wild boars weigh 200kg or more so if you are attacked, you will receive more than just an injury. Do not provoke them. If you see wild boars, stay away and leave them undisturbed, and contact the office noted below.

wild boar

The walking trail has been off limits to the public since Friday, December 25, 2015.

Fro more information, contact:
Promotion Group II, Department of Safety and Hygiene
Tel: 06-6879-4027
Email: anzen-suisindai2[at]
When using this address, please replace [at] with @.

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