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21st Osaka University Future Talk Held


  On Monday, November 30, 2015, the 21st Osaka University Future Talk was held in MO Hall in the Convention Center at Osaka University.

  For this Future Talk, which was divided into 2 halves, we invited Ms. TAKEUCHI Noriko (President, Congress Corporation; a graduate of the School of Human Sciences) to deliver a lecture in part 1, and in part 2, a free talk was held between Ms. Takeuchi and some of the students in attendance.

  In the lecture during the first half of the event, Ms. Takeuchi spoke on the topic of "Convention Business that Reflects Society," using specific examples to express to those in attendance the trials and thrills of supporting large scale international conferences and events. In the second half, 8 graduate students from various graduate schools had a free talk with Ms. Takeuchi as they attempted to answer the question "What is a Next Generation Leader?"

  In their discussion, Ms. Takeuchi gave students advice on what she herself has paid close attention to and the abilities one should possess as a leader, such as "being aware of events in society to expand your network and collaborate with professionals in various fields," "'know-how' is just as important as 'know-who,'" and "give and take communication." This talk provided hints for the future of not only the students in attendance, but also those who have already made their debut as members of society.

  We'd like to give a big thank you to Ms. Takeuchi and all those in attendance for joining us for this Future Talk.

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