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2015 Parents Gathering held


On Tuesday, November 3, during the Machikane Festival, a parents gathering was held at Osaka University Hall for parents of first year students. There were some 600 attendees between the main venue at Osaka University Hall and the satellite venues.

This event was held as it was last year in order to assist parents in gaining a better understanding of Osaka University’s management and the situation of education, international exchange, and student support at the university.

The event started with greeting by President NISHO Shojiro. His greeting was followed by talks by other executives: Tadashi KOBAYASHI (Executive Vice President) talked about the outline of Osaka University, OGAWA Tetsuo (Executive Vice President) about Osaka University Future Fund, KUDO Mayumi (Executive Vice President) about brilliant Osaka University female students, HOSHINO Toshiya (Executive Vice President) about encouragement of having real experiences with the world, SHIMODA Tadashi (Director, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences) about liberal arts education, and IWATANI Yoshinori (Chairman, Student Life Committee) about student life. Following their talks, a question and answer session was held.

The university expresses its sincere appreciation to all attendees for their participation in this event.

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