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3rd Lecture by Osaka University Distinguished Professor held


  On Monday, October 5, the 3rd Lecture by Osaka University Distinguished Professor was held in Osaka University Hall. At Osaka University, those researchers with outstanding, worldwide achievements are given the title of Osaka University Distinguished Professor, and these lectures have been held from February of this year in order for these professors to share their pioneering research at the University.

  In this 3rd Lecture, Distinguished Professor ISHIGURO Hiroshi of the Graduate School of Engineering Science spoke to a huge number of attendees, including university students from outside of OU and high school students. There were some 850 attendees between the main venue at Osaka University Hall and the satellite venues (Suita, Minoh, and the Tokyo Office).

  The key message in Distinguished Professor ISHIGURO's lecture entitled "The Meaning of Learning and Robot Research - What is a human? What is a heart?" was "robots are mirrors which reflect humans." In his lecture, Professor ISHIGURO touched on the latest in robot research and a future society built by humans and robots, which was followed by a Q&A portion, making for a content-rich lecture.

  We'd like to express our sincerest appreciation for all those who participated in this lecture.

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