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Autumn 2015 Graduation Ceremony held


The Autumn Graduation Ceremony at Osaka University was held in the Convention Center on Friday, September 25, 2015. Degrees were conferred upon a total of 238 graduates, including 34 bachelor's, 29 master's, and 175 doctorate/juris doctor's degrees. Of the 238 degree recipients, 97 were international students.

Along with praising Dr. ANEZAKI Shoji, who received his doctorate degree at 73 years of age, President NISHIO Shojiro left the graduates with some well-wishing words of parting, saying, "To all of you who have worked hard to combine refinement, creativity, international-mindedness, and communication skills, I look forward to seeing your future successes on the world stage."

To read the full text of President Nishio's address, please click here.

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