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19th Osaka University Future Talk Held


The 19th Osaka University Future Talk was held at the Osaka University Convention Center on Monday, June 15, where poet and Kyoto Sangyo University Professor NAGATA Kazuhiro gave a lecture before some 500 attendees.

Under the title of "The Power of Words - Between Science and Literature," Professor Nagata spoke about the difficulty of putting your thoughts and emotions into words, as well as the power that words can have, through his own experiences as a cell biologist/poet.

Throughout the lecture, some attendees could be seen with teary eyes, while afterwards, attendees expressed their impressions on the lecture, many of whom were quite moved.

We'd like to give a special thank you to Professor Nagata and those in attendance for this Future Talk.


↑ Professor Nagata delivers his lecture


↑ A scene from the venue. Some attendees were moved to tears.


↑ Professor Nagata speaks about tanka, or short Japanese poems

Future Talk #20

The next Future Talk will feature Dr. SUZUKI Akira, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Science and Emeritus Professor at Hokkaido University, and will be held at Osaka University Hall (as well as several satellite venues) on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, from 17:00.

Dr. Suzuki will speak about cross-coupling reaction, which has received much attention in industrial chemistry, such as in medicine and agricultural chemicals, as well as manufacturing of liquid crystal and organic EL. He will also talk about his mindset as a researcher and a story on winning the Nobel Prize. We hope to see you there!

• For more information on the next Future Talk, click here.

• A video message from Professor Nagata can be viewed by clicking here. (link in Japanese)

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