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Reminder about the Consumption of Alcohol


To all students

 There will be times, such as extracurricular get-togethers, when you will have some form of interaction with alcohol. There have been various reminders to students about the consumption of alcohol through posters, etc., but we'd like you all to reconfirm the guidelines below and remember to behave in a moderate fashion.

  1. Drinking by minors is against the law.
  2. Do not force minors to drink alcohol. 
  3. Do not force someone to drink more than they're comfortable with.
  4. Say no if you are pressed to drink more than you want.
  5. Realize that drinking too much alcohol could lead to serious illnesses such as alcohol poisoning which could result in death.
  6. If you drink, never drive an automobile, motorcycle, bicycle or any vehicle of any kind.

 Cautions on the consumption of alcoholic beverages can be found here, so please make reference to it if you have any more questions or concerns.


                  May 8, 2015

Department of Education Promotion

Osaka University

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