The Biggest Turnout Ever! 490 Attend OU Homecoming Day
2015.5.7 Thu
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The Biggest Turnout Ever! 490 Attend OU Homecoming Day

On a sunny Saturday, May 2, 490 members of the "OU Family" including graduates, faculty and staff, current students and their families attended Osaka University Homecoming Day. To celebrate this 10th Homecoming Day, those graduates within one year of the 10th anniversary of their graduation were cordially invited to attend, leading to many happy reunions all over campus.

Osaka University President HIRANO Toshio and Former President KUMATANI Nobuaki, Chairman of the Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association, opened the ceremony and lecture held at Osaka University Hall by greeted those in attendance.

At the annual Alumni Lecture, Mainichi Broadcasting System announcer NISHI Yasushi (School of Law, 1994) spoke about his memories as a student at OU, as well as his hopes for the future of the University.

Following the Alumni Lecture, Mr. NISHI and Kansai Television announcer SEKI Junko (School of Human Sciences, 1988) held a special talk about the world of television and radio. It was hard to believe this was their first appearance together, as the pair delighted those at the venue with their fascinating dialogue.

As a surprise, current Osaka University graduate student and professional shogi player, or kishi , ITODANI Tetsuro, who recently achieved the rank of Ryuoh , took the stage for a special interview. The humor and poise in the answers to the questions from the two veteran announcers gave the audience a closer look at the colorful personality of the shogi star.

The Osaka University Cheerleading Party closed the event with an energetic cheer, which included new members who joined the team in April.

The social gathering at "SORA," the largest dining facility on the Toyonaka Campus, continued the energy from the main event. Following the toast by former Vice President of Suntory TSUDA Kazuaki (School of Law, 1957), the venue was all smiles.

We'd like to thank everyone who attended Homecoming Day this year. We hope to see you again next year!

*A temporary nursery for this event was provided with financial help from the Osaka University Gender Equality Promotion Office.

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