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Osaka University celebrates the Anniversary of its Founding


May 1st marks the anniversary of the founding of Osaka University. 84 years ago, in 1931, Osaka Imperial University was born in Nakanoshima, Osaka with two schools, Science and Medicine. Even though an imperial university had already been built in nearby Kyoto, thanks to the enthusiasm of Osaka citizens hoping for a local imperial university and their strong appeal to the government, Osaka University was founded. Although officially the government is credited with founding the university, in actuality, local people arranged the funds and temporary operation expenses for its founding.

At the time of its founding, with only 86 students, Dr. NAGAOKA Hantaro expressed his desire to make Osaka University number 1 in Japan. And now, Osaka University boasts the largest student population of all national universities in Japan.

Of course, Osaka University's roots go all the way back to the year 1838, when OGATA Koan established Tekijuku. Tekijuku was a place where bright, motivated young people gathered to study and learn from each other. These individuals went on to play a large role in the Meiji Restoration, while Osaka University has inherited the spirit of OGATA Koan's "For people, for society, and for benevolence." 

Osaka University is on the verge of going through a huge change, from its roots as Tekijuku, to World Tekijuku. With the goal of becoming a top 10 research university by its 100-year anniversary in 2031, Osaka University aims to gather the very best human resources to perform research which ascertains the true essence of things, allowing the university to soar on a global scale.

Osaka University aims to contribute spiritually rich individuals to the development of human society through "the creation of harmonious diversity through scholarship."

We humbly ask for your continued support of Osaka University.


President, Osaka University


Name Plate
Nameplate for Osaka Imperial University (Inscribed from R to L)

Official Photo
Commemorative photograph on May 1, 1931

The bust on the Suita campus of the 1st president of OU, NAGAOKA Hantaro A photograph taken on May 1, 1931, of the ceremony held in the auditorium of the School of Medicine in Nakanoshima.

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