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Congratulations on Your Entrance to OU!


On Thursday, April 2, 2015, at an Entrance Ceremony held at Osaka-jo Hall, 6,415 students (3,489 undergraduate and 2,926 graduate) entered into or advanced in Osaka University.

At the ceremony, NAGAYAMA Kotaro (School of Human Sciences) and TORIUMI Wataru (Graduate School of Information Science and Technology) were both sworn in as student representatives.

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Mr. TORIUMI Wataru
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To all students and their families

A New Step Toward Your Dreams

To all those enrolling in Osaka University, and to all of your families, I offer my sincerest congratulations. I'd like to celebrate this occasion as President of Osaka University, while also extending a hearty welcome to all of you.

The history of Osaka University goes all the way back to 1838, when doctor and scholar of Western Studies OGATA Koan founded the private "place of learning," Tekijuku.

FUKUZAWA Yukichi, NAGAYO Sensai, OMURA Masujiro, SANO Tsunetami, and OTORI Keisuke, all of whom studied at Tekijuku, wrote an important page in the history of the construction of the modern nation during the Meiji Restoration.

SHIBA Ryotaro, in his novel Kashin, wrote that Tekijuku was the "previous incarnation of Osaka University," and thus, in this sense, Osaka University was "founded by OGATA Koan." 
And in 1931, through the contributions and devotion of the citizens of Osaka city, the establishment of Osaka Imperial University was realized.

Osaka University, by inheriting OGATA Koan's legacy of "responsible ethics, concern for people, and for society" and the spirit of Tekijuku while establishing the "World Tekijuku" in the 21st century, strives to contribute to the future of human society and the advancement of academic research by implementing its idea of  "creating harmonious diversity through scholarship."

FUKUZAWA Yukichi, in his autobiography Fukuo-Jiden, said the following about his life as a student:

"I was at my desk day and night, studying as hard as I possibly could."

I hope that you all, too, will treasure your time and those whom you meet, while leading a meaningful student life and working toward your own dreams.

Osaka University will be there to support you in realizing your dreams to the best of our ability.
We appreciate your continuing support for us.

Osaka University President      

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