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2nd Lecture by Osaka University Distinguished Professor held


On Monday, March 23, the 2nd Lecture by Osaka University Distinguished Professor was held at Osaka University Hall.

Osaka University created the official title of "Distinguished Professor" in April 2013 in order to recognize individuals who play leading roles coupled with outstanding achievement. Currently, 13 professors at Osaka University are bestowed with the title of "Distinguished Professor." In order to share advanced research at the university, lectures by Distinguished Professors have been held since February.

In this 2nd Lecture by a Distinguished Professor, Shun-ichi FUKUZUMI  of the Graduate School of Engineering talked to some 130 attendees. In his speech entitled "Research on artificial photosynthesis and its future outlook," he enthusiastically talked about the current situation of artificial photosynthesis, the process of producing fuel from water by using solar energy, as well as the recent progress of renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuel and their future outlook.

We'd like to express our sincere appreciation to the people who participated in this lecture. The 3rd Lecture in this Osaka University Distinguished Professor series will be held in September. The organizers look forward to seeing many in attendance.

Prof. Fukuzumi

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