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Congratulations on Your Acceptance to Osaka University!


On Sunday, March 22, 2015, Osaka University announced the successful applicants for the March Individual Achievement Examinations. (Of the 1272 examinees, 396 passed the examinations in eight schools. The School of Science, School of Engineering, and School of Engineering Science were those schools not included.)

As with the February Individual Achievement Examinations, along with the announcement on the OU official homepage, the examinees were also able to experience the joy of finding their examinee number on a bulletin board placed on the campus of Osaka University.

Ms. Hina MOTOI from Ibaraki city, who was accepted to the School of Letters, had this to say: "I'm so happy; OU was where I really wanted to go. My older sister was also accepted into the School of Human Sciences as a 3rd year transfer student, so this is a double acceptance for us."

As for Ms. Kaho OHASHI, who was accepted into the School of Foreign Studies: "I'm so relieved I was accepted through the March exams; I was aiming to get into OU."

"Passing the exam is the happiest I've ever been in my life. Spring has finally come!" said an elated Mr. Kosen RI, who was accepted into the School of Economics.

Ms. Madoka MIURA, a Nagoya native who was accepted into the School of Letters, came to see the results of the examination with her parents, saying: "I didn't pass the February examinations, and I was really confident in the March examinations either, so I'm so happy I was accepted."

There were quite a few examinees who passed the March exam after an unsuccessful attempt in February, making this day all the more joyful and emotional for those accepted.

march results 1
Examinees gather at the bulletin board
march results 2
march results 3
march results 4
Mr. RI
march results 5
A photo with Dr. Wani

Message from President HIRANO

My sincerest congratulations to those who passed the examination.
I'm sure this day was especially emotional for all of you.
You've finally found pleasure after studying long and hard for the exam.
You must be deeply moved that you have finally reached the top of a mountain that was the goal of passing the exam.
Your parents who supported your achievement of these goals must also feel relieved.

We at Osaka University extend a hearty welcome to you. I'm looking forward to meeting you all at the entrance ceremony in April and on campus as OU students!

If your dreams were not realized this time around, don't give up hope. Finally, I'd like to extend this phrase to you:

"Dreams are here to come true."

March 22, 2015

President of Osaka University


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