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Event to Commemorate the Completion of Osaka Univeristy Whiskey Held


On Thursday, March 19, nearly 200 alumni gathered for the Event to Commemorate the Completion of Osaka University Whiskey at the Osaka University Nakanoshima Center.

The development project for "Osaka University Original Whiskey, Mibuki" was started by cross-boundary students at OU last June as an effort to cultivate human resources through university-industry collaboration with the cooperation of Suntory Liquors Limited.

At this event, through a series of mini-lectures and talks, attendees were introduced to the deep connection between Osaka University and the "legends" of Japanese whiskey, as well as the progression of the whiskey development project.

Guest speaker SHIMATANI Yukio, former Director at Suntory and graduate of the Department of Zymology, School of Engineering, Osaka University, mentioned that "Osaka University has realized 'harmonious diversity' through whiskey." The development team members also mentioned a development secrets during their report, saying, "We used the image of the 11 undergraduate schools at OU to carefully select 11 different types of unblended whiskey, which we the blended according to the composition ratio of student numbers.

The event ended with a whiskey tasting session. Those in attendance were treated to a harmony of fragrance and flavor, while considering the hopes and dreams the students put into the final product.

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whiskey event 1
Mini-lecture by MATSUNAGA Kazuhiro (Specially Appointed Lecturer, The Museum of Osaka University)
whiskey event 2
SHIMATANI Yukio (Former manager, Suntory Yamazaki Distillery) talks about days past
whiskey event 3
Tasting commentary by NAKATANI Takaaki (Whiskey Brand Department, Suntory Liquors Limited)
whiskey event 4
The component whiskeys of Mibuki (carefully selected in the image of the 11 undergraduate schools)
whiskey event 5
The much-anticipated whiskey tasting (Left: Mr. SHIMATANI; Center: President HIRANO; Right: Executive Vice President HIGASHIJIMA Kiyoshi)
whiskey event 6
Left: Specially-appointed lecturer MATSUNAGA; Right: Executive Vice President OHTAKE Fumio)

whiskey event 7
Cross-boundary student OKUNO Tasuku (First year, doctoral program first half, Graduate School of Engineering Science)
whiskey event 8
Left: Cross-boundary student TATEISHI Kazuhiro (Second year, doctoral program second half, Graduate School of Medicine)

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