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Graduation Party for International Students


On Monday, March 16, a party was held celebrating the completion of studies for international students at the Senri Hankyu Hotel. Every year, President HIRANO Toshio invites those international students who are expected to graduate from their course of study to attend a celebratory social gathering.

Some 240 people were in attendance including OU faculty and staff, host families, volunteers, and landlords. Those in attendance enjoyed taking photos at the get-together, making it an enjoyable event from start to finish.

Some comments from the international students in attendance included, “OU students are very friendly,” “The staff in the International Student Consultation Room were very kind and allowed me to lead a comfortable student life,” and “I’m going to work hard in the second half of my doctoral program, too.”

study abroad 1
Greetings from President HIRANO
study abroad 2
A toast from Executive Vice President OKAMURA
study abroad 3
Foreign Student Representative BEH SZE PING (Graduate School of Engineering)
study abroad 4   study abroad 5 
Photos with President HIRANO
study abroad 6   study abroad 7
Photos of the attendees

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