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Congratulations on Your Acceptance to Osaka University!


At 9:00 a.m., Monday, March 9, Osaka University announced the successful applicants for the February Individual Achievement Examinations. (Of 6,996 examinees, 2,994 passed the exams in 11 schools) by a bulletin board on campus and on the university's official website.
Examinees looked for their numbers on the bulletin board set by the Administration Bureau building on the Suita campus and those who found their numbers were lost in happiness. Announcement by the bulletin board was for the first time in 10 years. The last time a bulletin board was used for this announcement was 2005.
Many examinees gathered together on the Osaka University Campus and felt the moment of knowing that they had passed the exams. Osaka University hopes this experience will boost the successful applicants' motivation after they enter the university and help them to make bonds with other freshmen.




Football club members giving a victorious toss

President Hirano Students posing with Dr. Wani


Message from the President

My sincerest congratulations to those who passed the examination!
You've finally found pleasure after studying long and hard for the exam. You must be deeply moved that you have finally reached the top of a mountain that was the goal of passing the exam. Your parents who supported your achievement of these goals must also feel relieved.
We at Osaka University extend a hearty welcome to you. I'm looking forward to meeting you all at the entrance ceremony in April and on campus as OU students!
If your dreams were not realized this time around, don't give up hope. Finally, I'd like to extend this phrase to you:

"Dreams are here to come true."

March 9
President of Osaka University

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