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World Tekijuku Entrance Examination to Be Introduced Starting with 2017-2018 Academic Year


Osaka University will hold the World Tekijuku Entrance Examination starting with the 2017-2018 academic year.

The World Tekijuku Entrance Examination is the new general term to describe entrance examinations for encouraging research and entrance examinations by recommendation. The aim of the World Tekijuku Entrance Examination is to collect the most outstanding personnel who will excel in a global society. To this end, Osaka University aims to gather the most varied, skilled, and motivated individuals to study at the university. This number will be approximately 10% of OU applicants by the 2019-2020 academic year.

Due to the introduction of the World Tekijuku Entrance Examination, there will be no March Individual Achievement Examinations beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year.

On Tuesday, March 3, there was a press conference held at the Icho Kaikan.

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Osaka University finds its origins in Tekijuku, so in anticipation of the 22nd Century, OU aims to become a top 10 research university as a "World Tekijuku." The principle behind "World Tekijuku" is to "create harmonious diversity through academia."
The world is full of various peoples, languages, customs, cultures, and religions. Diversity is necessary in developing spiritually rich individuals; however, this also causes confrontations. Just like sports, art, and economics, learning is also a universal language. We at Osaka University aim to create harmonious diversity through academia by using that academia as a medium to gather people from all over the world and developing them into personnel who will thrive on a global scale. We at OU also aim to contribute to society by developing various educational programs.
We established the World Tekijuku Entrance Examination in order to ensure that the most motivated and talented individuals come to Osaka University. However, this examination places an emphasis on your abilities and motivation, as well as your academic ability. We at Osaka University are looking forward to seeing you enter into OU through the World Tekijuku Entrance Examination.

HIRANO Toshio    President, Osaka Uniersity

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