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During the administration of the 2015 Individual Achievement Examinations on campus


On Wednesday, February 25 as well as on Thursday, February 26, the Individual Achievement Examinations will be administered at Osaka University. (Note: the test on the 26th is only for the schools of Science, Medicine and Dentistry.)

Consequently the university requests the cooperation of all university staff and students as well as persons from outside the university in creating an environment for smooth administration of these tests.

To this end, during the above dates, please observe the following:

  1. Only persons designated by the testing administrator may be admitted to the areas and/or building(s) where testing is taking place.
  2. Gatherings, demonstrations, and other noisy activities are strictly forbidden.
  3. Notices may not be posted in any locations other than designated bulletin boards and such.
  4. Business activities lacking prior permission from the university (such as soliciting occupants for apartments, etc.) are strictly forbidden.
  5. Likewise, any and all other activities which might hinder or obstruct the smooth administration of the tests are strictly forbidden.

Osaka University

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