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President and Executive Vice President High School Visits


As part of a collaborative effort between the Osaka and Hyogo Prefectural Boards of Education, the President and Executive Vice President of Osaka University have been holding various talks and social gatherings in order to express the appeal of Osaka University and the research and study that takes place there.

On Thursday, January 29th, 2015, President HIRANO Toshio visited the Oak Theater at the Ibaraki City Health and Welfare Center, where he spoke to 319 first grade students from Ibaraki High School on the topic of "Medical Science and Life."

While mixing in easy-to-understand examples such as Black Jack written by TEZUKA Osamu, President Hirano gave the students this message: "Seize every moment in life." After his lecture, a Q&A session was held where nearly a dozen students were able to ask President Hirano various questions. A moving message from the President to the students of Ibaraki High School finished off the lecture, along with one of encouragement: "To the students of Ibaraki High School, I hope to see you again at the entrance ceremony for Osaka University some day soon."

We plan to continue these cooperative activities between Osaka University and high schools in the future.

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(Includes a message from the President and his Q&A session)

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A high school visit

A speech by President Hirano

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