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Osaka University Leaders Forum held


On Tuesday, February 3rd, the Osaka University Leaders Forum was held at Osaka University Hall of Osaka University's Toyonaka campus. Some 130 graduates of Osaka University and Osaka University of Foreign Studies currently active in the front lines of their respective fields participated in this forum, deepening friendships beyond their generation, fields of business, and specialties.

The forum started with a greeting from President HIRANO Toshio. He spoke on the current situation at the university. Following his speech, a graduate, TANIGUCHI Hiroaki, and a current faculty member, KONDO Shigeru, delivered special speeches.

TANIGUCHI Hiroaki, Representative Director & President, NTT Smile Energy (a graduate of the Graduate School of Engineering Science, Class of 1991), spoke about how he proceeded with his in-house venture by making use of young workers' ideas and initiatives under the title of "Suggestions for Starting an In-house Business -- Introducing Something to the Energy Business by Making Use of an ICT Environment."

KONDO Shigeru, Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences (a graduate of the Graduate School of Medicine, Class of 1984), made a very easy-to-understand speech about how patterns of living creatures were made by making use of simulator images under the title of "Designing Shapes and Patterns of a Living Creature -- Is it Possible to Turn a Giraffe into a Zebra?"

A social hour held at a different venue began with a toast by YOSHIJI Hitoyoshi, Representative Director & Chairperson, Daido Corporation, who was even familiar with Osaka University's predecessor, Naniwa High School. The participants of the get-together enjoyed lively conversations. Three teams involved in venture businesses as extracurricular activities made presentations, receiving encouragement from their predecessors in business.

Osaka University plans to hold various events in the future, including additional Leaders Forums, so that those associated with Osaka University can deepen their relationship with other alumni.


President Hirano


President Taniguchi


Professor Kondo


Social hour


Chairperson Yoshiji and a student

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