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16th Osaka University Future Talk held


On Friday, January 23, the 16th Osaka University Future Talk was held at the Convention Center of Osaka University. In the last Future Talk of the academic year, the Director of RIKEN and 2001 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, NOYORI Ryoji, delivered a speech to some 680 people in attendance.

Dr. Noyori spoke on the topic of "Where are science and technology going?" He discussed the evolution of living creatures, the origin of the universe, the value of science research, and innovation development, as well as asymmetric hydrogenation, for which he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, all in a very easy-to-understand format.

His remark, "Science research is an endless journey of knowledge. Having a good trip is more meaningful than reaching a destination," seemed to have a powerful positive impact on the audience.

After his lecture, he very kindly stepped forward to take questions from the audience. We'd like to express our most sincere gratitude to Dr. Noyori and the participants. Your continued support for "Osaka University Future Talks" is much appreciated.

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