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Coming of Age Ceremony held on the Toyonaka campus


On Monday, January 12, Toyonaka City's Coming of Age Ceremony was held on the Toyonaka campus of Osaka University. Attended by some 2,800 people, the site was filled with a lively atmosphere. Some 700 "new adults" participated in the ceremony held at Osaka University Hall. One of the participants, IDE Masanori (2nd-year student, Department of Information and Computer Sciences, School of Engineering Science, Osaka University) spoke with deep feeling, saying, " I was born at Osaka University Hospital, enrolled in Osaka University, and, participating in the Coming of Age Ceremony held here too, I feel the touch of destiny. This memory will remain with me for life."
At the ceremony, those who turned 20 in the past year sang the national anthem and the Toyonaka City song accompanied by Osaka University's Male Chorus and Osaka University's Wind Orchestra.


Coming of Age Day 1

Ceremony at Osaka University Hall

Coming of Age Day 2

80th Anniversary Square

Coming of Age Day 3Coming of Age Day 4
Masanori receives a bouquet from Mayor Asari Masanori and his mates in Male Chorus

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