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New Ryu-oh Itodani visits President


On Monday, December 22, ITODANI Tetsuro, the OU a 2nd-year student in a master's program at the Graduate School of Lettersstudent who recently achieved the title 27th Ryu-oh, visited President Toshio HIRANO to talk about his winning the title. President Hirano congratulated him on his achievement, saying "Congratulations. Well done!" Itodani expressed his gratitude to the president.
They talked about Tetsuo's field of expertise, philosophy, his simultaneous pursuit of learning and shogi, as well as tips on staying focused. President Hirano presented Itodani with a board with his signature and an Osaka University lapel pin. Itodani gave President Hirano a board with his signature and the book Gendai Shogi no Shiso [Thoughts of Modern Shogi].

Their talk will be carried in the Osaka University NewsLetter at a future date.


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