Osaka University Alumni Reunion held
2014.12.8 Mon
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Osaka University Alumni Reunion held

On Friday, December 5, in order to bring alumni living in the Kanto region up-to-date on the current situation at the university, an Osaka University Alumni Reunion was held at Gakushi-kaikan with some 270 persons with alumni, current faculty, staff and students attending.
The alumni reunion opened with a talk by President Toshio HIRANO, who spoke on the current situation under the title of "OU Today." His talk was followed by a greeting from KUMAGAI Nobuaki, President of the Osaka University Alumni Associations Federation and former Osaka University President.
Following his greeting, as a representative of branch offices of alumni associations in Tokyo and Kansai area, AONO Mitsuhiro, Tokyo Branch Manager, Sakuyakai (alumni association of School of Foreign Studies, Osaka University and Osaka University of Foreign Studies) spoke on their recent activities.
Following his talk, OHTAKE Fumio, Executive Vice President (who graduated from the Graduate School of Economics), delivered a speech titled "Incorporating Behavioral Economics into Practical Work," in which he talked, in a easy-to-understand way, about economic thinking and how humans select a course of action.
The social hour began with a toast by MATSUMOTO Shunji, Kanto and Tohoku Branch Manager of the Alumni Association of the School of Dentistry. Marching and cheering performances by Osaka University Cheerleaders and graduates were presented, warming up the party.
Compared with alumni reunions in the past, more young graduates participated in this year's alumni reunion. Undergraduate and graduate students at different schools exchanged business cards, taking a walk down memory lane, reminiscing about their club activities, and catching up on one another's lives.
In closing, the university expresses its sincere appreciation to all persons for their participation in this year's reunion. Next year's alumni reunion will be held on Saturday, December 5. We look forward to seeing many of you again next year!

Former President Kumagai

Tokyo Branch Manager Aono

Executive Vice President Ohtake

Branch Manager Matsumoto

President Hirano and participants

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