OU Billboard posted in Tokyo Metro station
2014.11.5 Wed
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OU Billboard posted in Tokyo Metro station

As of Saturday, November 1, Osaka University has posted a large electrically back-lit billboard in the passageway connecting stairways #5 and #11 in Tokyo Metro's Tora-no-mon Station . Serving to publicize the presence of the Osaka University Tokyo Office which opened in the nation's capital in March, the billboard also serves to encourage greater use of the Tokyo Office.

The ginkgo tree leaf mark used in the billboard is the official logo mark of Osaka University, but ginkgo also is, incidentally, the symbol mark of Tokyo Prefecture! Thus, it is hoped that gradually, when Tokyo people see a ginkgo tree logo, not only will they think of Tokyo, but will also remember Osaka University.

Osaka University holds many events and lectures for the average citizen. For example, since April 2013, Osaka University has been holding " Osaka University Future Talks " in which well-known persons active in a variety of fields, university personnel as well as persons from outside, speak about the latest information in their area of expertise. The Osaka University Tokyo Office serves as a satellite location for Future Talks and all interested persons are cordially invited to attend.

Billboard promoting Osaka University in passageway at Tora-no-mon Station

Contents of the billboard. (Notice the white arrow indicating which exit to take to get to the Tokyo Office.)

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