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Autumn Entrance Ceremony held


On Wednesday, October 1, the Autumn Entrance Ceremony was held at Osaka University's Convention Center on the Suita campus. The entrance ceremony welcomed 188 students to Osaka University. Forty of the students were undergraduates; 148 were graduate students. By gender, the students broke down into 120 males and 68 females.

Entrance ceremonies have been held by school; however, in order to strengthen OU members' sense of being a part of OU, the decision to hold a single combined ceremony this year was made. Furthermore, since the majority of the enrollees in this autumn admission ceremony were international students --135-- the ceremony was conducted in English.
President Hirano extended words of warm welcome and encouragement, saying "I hope you will learn a variety of things at Osaka University and go forward into the future, making and achieving your dreams.
To read the full text of President Hirano's address, please go here.

Autumn Ceremony 1


Autumn Ceremony 2Autumn Ceremony 3
Emma Nakagawa Hoffmann served as undergraduate student representative in the ceremony.
Clarisse Francesca Tang Yeung served as graduate student representative in the ceremony.


Autumn Ceremony 4

Osaka University Cheerleaders' performance

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